The overall objectives of FENPS are:

To improve the educational opportunities for Somalias children (through schools) and adults (through vocational education)

To promote the well being of the society

To promote the right to education and equal access to education for all

To upgrade professional competencies of education personnel

To raise awareness of the community to reduce conflicts and disputes

To preserve the human rights

To provide relief aid in emergency crisis

To prevent contagious diseases

To provide disabled (girls and boys) vocational education

To appeal to the government, authority, public bodies, private sector or any institution proper to the objectives of the organization for and to receive resources, grants or finances or any other kind of assistance for promoting the objectives of the organization

To mobilize, raise, and disburse funds and other resources for the promotion and achievement of the objectives of the organization

To rehabilitate, re-integrate and provide support to the affected categories of the community members

To collaborate and network with other developmental organizations locally and internationally for the development of the partner communities

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