FENPS Approaches for Training Teachers and Other Education Personnel

One of the core objectives of FENPS is training teachers and other education personnel in teaching students with methods that are applicable to their needs. Learners have a purpose for wanting to learn, that is, to obtain knowledge and skills that will enable them to do things better and make progress in life. The teacher and other education personnel facilitate learning by looking for information and organizing the learning process in such a way that will make learners obtain the knowledge desired. Teaching therefore is a skill to be developed and learned by those who want to teach. So that FENPS developed three levels aimed to improve professional competency of the teachers: A.Teacher Consultation Approach This is a school visit program designed to mentor teachers and other education personnel at FENPS-run schools. Two or more trainers visit the targeted schools and spend days in the schools to mentor unqualified or newly recruited teachers. Teachers are taught class management techniques, lesson plan preparation, child rights, solving student disputes, considering adolescent situations etc. This approach is very useful and less expensive but time consumed. Trainers should visit individual school and train teachers separately and that may take long time to train many teachers. B.In-service training Approach This is a teacher training program aimed to give teachers a refresher courses about teaching/learning methods during school term holidays. Teachers take 20-25 days session courses to develop their professional competencies. These training courses are very useful tool for teachers and other education personnel. When taking these courses, teachers re-start their teaching/learning activities with high motives. C.Pre-service Training Approach This training method is a form of lobbying for secondary school-leavers to train them as qualified teachers who have capabilities to teach in primary and secondary schools after completion of 2-4 years teacher education courses.

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